Total Sculptor®


• Reduction of localized fat.

The Total Sculptor® using a freezing technology assisted under negative pressure. This technology affects fat cells by intense cold and thus eliminated by the body. It is an innovative way to get around the body by freezing unwanted fat.

Cryolipolysis handpieces of different sizes and shapes (nano, small, medium and double) are able to treat different areas of the body. An integrated cooling system with and without contrast, an intelligent highly secure vacuum suction system associating the therapeutic LED allow high freezing performance (-9°C) and temperature control at real time.



• Skin laxity.

The Total Sculptor® platform combines synergistically multipolar radiofrequency with LLLT (low power laser) ® and endermology. It treats the superficial and deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, promoting the improvement of skin flaccidity and increasing the firmness of the skin. It provides vigorous drainage effects generated by a patented endermology pneumatic suction system. Painless, safe and complete.

The 2MHz multipolar facial handpiece is indicated for treatment of delicate areas, such as eye and face contour.



• Treatment of localized fat;
• Improvement of skin sagging;
• Adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite.

The robotic technology Megafocus FatAction – Total Sculptor® is designed to promote the instantaneous destruction of superficial and deep adipocytes, through focused and non-invasive therapeutic ultrasound. The process is based on the development of coagulative necroses, which reduces localized fat deposits and improves the body’s contour.

The macrofocused ultrasound improves the cellulite fibrous septa and improves the body contour in a non-surgical way, using MSFU (Macro Focused Scanning Ultrasound) technology.