Pregnancy – double care

Pregnancy is a period of intense change for women. During pregnancy, endocrine, metabolic, immunologic, vascular and physical changes occur, causing the body of pregnant women to suffer changes in shape and structure, as well as the appearance of the skin, such as stretch marks and melasma (dark spots on the face). These changes may cause great anxiety for pregnant women because they alter facial and body aesthetics.

It is important to avoid gaining excess weight, which can have several consequences, including the appearance of stretch marks. These usually appear during the last trimester of pregnancy, but action to prevent them should be taken from the beginning of pregnancy. It is also important to practice light exercise, maintain a healthy and balanced diet and have constant medical monitoring from an obstetrician.

The expectant mother can use gentle moisturizers that contain active principles already known and considered safe for the baby. However, many active substances contained in creams and many elective procedures should be avoided during this period. Sunscreens can and should be used as they are of great help in preventing spots that are common in pregnancy.

Consulting a dermatologist in early pregnancy may help prevent some difficult-to-treat problems, such as stretch marks, besides guiding the mother on preventative measures. Moreover, she should avoid purchasing products for use during pregnancy without medical advice because many products are contraindicated or have no studies or specifications for their safe use during pregnancy.