The Hexsel Dermatologic Clinics are much more than cosmetic clinics.

We treat all skin diseases and conditions, including mucosa, nails and hair diseases. The management of all skin conditions are based on strong scientific evidences.

Our team includes dermatologists especially trained in lasers, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic procedures, dermoscopy and body mapping. Recently, we have other medical specialties, as Endocrinology, as it has some interface with dermatology.

We also have a physiotherapist performing body treatments to improve your well-being.


In addition to well-trained dermatologists in the performance of cosmetic procedures, you will also find in our clinics the most modern technologies that are considered safe and effective in facial and body rejuvenation. You can learn more about cosmetic procedures in the link Technologies and Procedures of this website. You can also know what is new in our Blog or on Hexsel News.