• Treatment of skin laxity of the face and neck.

Considered an important ally in facial rejuvenation, infrared light ETHEREA IV® acts mainly to improve skin laxity by stimulating collagen production. Skin laxity or sagging is improved through two mechanisms: by stimulating the immediate contraction of collagen due to heating of the dermis and inducing the formation of new collagen in the months following the application. These two mechanisms promote the remodeling of existing collagen and the formation of new collagen both in the short and medium term. It is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types and can be safely performed during the summer and even with tanned patients.



• Improvement of skin quality;
• Lightening of spots and freckles;
• To reduce the reddish appearance of the skin;
• Treatment of rosacea;
• Treatment of small vessels of the face and leggs.

We work with two platforms of Intense Pulsed Light: QUANTUM® and ETHEREA®. IPL is an energy source able to reshape the existing collagen and stimulate its production. The most complete version of the Quantum® device includes the Yag 1064nm, Nd laser, which treats small vessels called telangiectasias, on the face and body.