• Treatment of skin laxity;
• Improvement in facial contour;
• Improvement of skin sagging and some eyelid fine lines.

Atria is a microfocused ultrasound device that assists in non-invasive facelift and necklift.

This non-invasive technology has been one of the most sought after in recent years, complementing the procedures already carried out for rejuvenation, such as toxins, fillers, collagen stimulators and lasers.

Atria acts with acoustic energy converted into heat, whose temperature (around 70 C) is sufficient to induce SMAS (superficial aponeurotic muscle system) stimulating by producing contraction of collagen fibers and facial lifting.

Atria has a state-of-the-art scanner tip, promoting faster and less painful treatments. For delicate areas such as the eye and mouth contour, the ergonomic tip fits better to the skin, ensuring safety and better results.