1592, Dom Pedro II st. – Higienópolis • Zip Code 90550-141 • Porto Alegre, RS
Phone: 55 (51) 3264-1234 • WhatsApp: 55 (51) 9627-2792 • Skype: clinicahexselpoaonline

Operating for over 25 years in Porto Alegre, the first HEXSEL DERMATOLOGIC CLINIC was located in Plinio Brazil Milano Avenue. In a few years, our facility required bigger and more comfortable facilities. In April 2007, we opened a new clinic, designed by the architects Paula Neder and Alexandre Monteiro located at Dr Timoteo street. 

The new HEXSEL DERMATOLOGIC CLINIC was designed by the architect Rudelger Lietzke and Ana Bonow and received contributions from the architect Paula Neder. The architectural design of the internal expansion and general supervision was done by the architect Ligia Piccini. The remodeling ofnew outdoor waiting rooms was done by the architect Neide Dutra.