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A new class of compounds based on Hyaluronic Acids



A new class of products composed of hyaluronic acid called skinboosters was recently launched in the marked. They replace some of the hyaluronic acid in the skin that is frequently lost normally during the aging process. Until the most recent years, only creams and lotions were used with this intent. However, creams have limited absorption, even when used daily, thus, they are not able to replace the loss that occurs on all, especially the deeper layers of the skin.
The application of skinboosters is a medical procedure that consists of injections with thin and short needles with the intent of replacing the loss of hyaluronic acid and to promote skin hydration. The application of skinboosters is more efficient than cremes, because hydration will take place inside the skin compared to the surface of the skin. Anesthetic creams are applied prior to the procedure, significantly decreasing the pain, and some patients consider the procedure painless under topical anesthesia. The procedure results in an improvement of fine wrinkles, as well as of the texture, the tonus and the luminosity of the skin. The product can be applied on the face, neck, V area of the chest and the dorsal hands. Three monthly treatments are recommended, followed by maintenance with a treatment every 6 months to every year.