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Like art, beauty is the celebration

of appearance, of forms and of expression.

Our goals and our concept of rejuvenation

and beautification aim to enhance and promote 

beauty within modern and safe parameters,

naturally highlighting features and softening marks,

producing more harmony in the faces that we treat.

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Makeup is part of the everyday life of a very large proportion of women, which is not a problem because the cosmetic industry is increasingly offering products that are safe for the skin.

Some people think they should not use makeup for at least two days a week to let the ‘skin breathe’. This is not necessary, if you prefer to wear makeup every day there are excellent cosmetic products, some of which even incorporate active ingredients to treat the skin and sunscreens, such as the BB and CC creams.

Makeup should not be left on the skin indefinitely. Overnight is an ideal period for the skin to ‘rest’ or ‘breathe’ free of makeup. That is because during the day makeup used also collects dirt from the environment, such as dust and smoke, in addition to sweat and other skin secretions. Failing to remove makeup means the skin remains dirty, not only because of cosmetics, but mainly due to environmental dust and pollutants. This can lead to clogged pores, favoring acne, infections and dilation of the pores.

 Makeup can be removed by washing the face with water and mild soaps, as well as with accessories such as sponges or special brushes, or products specially developed for the purpose, makeup removers. These, in addition to removing makeup, also remove the residues that build up on the skin during the day. Some of these products come in milder forms and are less aggressive to the skin, such as lotions or creams, which are suitable for normal to dry skin. Alcohol-based gels or lotions are preferred by people with oily skin. Any makeup remover can irritate the skin if used excessively or several times a day.

The quality of the products used, whether as makeup or as cosmetic removers, is critical. It is important to remember that factors specific to each patient, such as conditions producing sensitivity and skin type should also be considered when choosing any product for the skin.