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Like art, beauty is the celebration

of appearance, of forms and of expression.

Our goals and our concept of rejuvenation

and beautification aim to enhance and promote 

beauty within modern and safe parameters,

naturally highlighting features and softening marks,

producing more harmony in the faces that we treat.

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Stretch marks are linear lesions that usually occur in regions where the skin is subject to stretching, such as the breasts, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Dermatologically, they are considered “scars” because they present deep dermal damage.


Stretch marks occur in situations of rapid growth or significant stretching of the skin, such as with weight gain in adolescence and pregnancy.

They are classified as recent (reddish color) or old (whitish color). Treatments aim to improve the appearance of stretch marks, both recent and old, by stimulating the formation of collagen and giving them an appearance more similar to normal skin. For this, various techniques may be employed.


It is very important that stretch marks are treated early, because the sooner treatment is begun the better the results are. Moreover, early treatments are cheaper and less painful.


Even during pregnancy stretch marks can be treated safely for the mother and the baby. Old marks can be treated successfully by applying fractional lasers.