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Like art, beauty is the celebration

of appearance, of forms and of expression.

Our goals and our concept of rejuvenation

and beautification aim to enhance and promote 

beauty within modern and safe parameters,

naturally highlighting features and softening marks,

producing more harmony in the faces that we treat.

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The ACROMA-QS ™ laser is a highly effective and safe new technology for non-ablative rejuvenation and for the treatment of blemishes on all skin types.

The ACROMA-QS ™ laser has two wavelengths, Nd:YAG 1064 nm and KTP 532 nm, both of which generate laser light. This increases the versatility of the procedures carried out using this equipment, resulting in a higher instantaneous beam power and assuring the most effective results.

The ACROMA-QS™ laser can be used to rejuvenate all skin types, including the darker skins. Laser toning can be used to treat fine wrinkles and reduce oiliness in the pores. Penetrating deeply, it acts directly by safely stimulating collagen, restoring vigor and vitality to the skin.

The  ACROMA-QS™ laser is also recommended for the treatment of blemishes caused by the sun, such as lentigines, ephelides (freckles) and melanosis, as well as other etiologies such as melasma. It is currently considered the most suitable laser for the treatment of melasma resistant to conventional treatments. It is also used in cases of the blemishes secondary to inflammatory processes, known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

This machine can also be used in the safe removal of dark and colored tattoos, without interrupting the patient’s usual activities and with no restrictions in terms of skin type or color.

If in doubt, talk to your dermatologist about it.