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Like art, beauty is the celebration

of appearance, of forms and of expression.

Our goals and our concept of rejuvenation

and beautification aim to enhance and promote 

beauty within modern and safe parameters,

naturally highlighting features and softening marks,

producing more harmony in the faces that we treat.

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A recently published observational study, which examined 832 patients at high risk of melanoma between April 1997 and May 2012, provides interesting data on the risk factors of nevus-associated melanomas.


During the study, 190 melanomas were diagnosed in 113 patients, with 62.8% occurring in males and 109 of them being identified as invasive and thick. The most frequent location was the trunk.


Histological examination of these lesions revealed that in 103 melanomas there were remnants of melanocytic nevi. In that study, patients with more than 100 nevi had significantly more nevus-associated melanomas. They were also found to be more common in females.


It was shown that patients with large numbers of nevi could benefit from sequential dermatological controls, which include dermoscopic and photographic controls.


If you have a large number of nevi, or nevi with the suspect signs, recently highlighted by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology’s campaign (see link), regularly consult your dermatologist, and make sure he/she is a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.