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Like art, beauty is the celebration

of appearance, of forms and of expression.

Our goals and our concept of rejuvenation

and beautification aim to enhance and promote 

beauty within modern and safe parameters,

naturally highlighting features and softening marks,

producing more harmony in the faces that we treat.

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Acne is a process that involves increased skin oiliness and clogged pores that occurs in regions of the body where the density of sebaceous glands is high, such as the face and upper trunk. Acne and oily skin are related to genetic inheritance. So, if both parents had acne, the chance a child will develop acne is very high. But it can also be secondary to hormonal changes, medication or the use of unsuitable products on the skin.


In general, acne first appears in adolescence as it is related to the hormonal changes that occur at that age. Among the problems that occur secondary to acne, the most important are permanent scarring and emotional stress.


Acne should be treated properly, since it can persist for many years, and may persist throughout adulthood.


Acne may also appear in adulthood and is common in women undergoing hormonal changes. In such women, acne may occur concurrently with menstrual irregularities, increased facial and body hair and hair loss. Generally hormonal laboratory tests are altered. In some cases it may be important to seek an endocrinologist or gynecologist for treatment.


Acne can also occur as a result of the use of cosmetic products in general or oily creams or sunscreens containing substances considered comedogenic (inducing the formation of blackheads and whiteheads).


The treatment of acne is considered curative but the choice of treatment is individual and depends on the type of acne and its severity. Some cases may require the use of oral medication. Currently, photodynamic therapy is considered a highly effective treatment that can be performed in the young. So, a dermatologist should be sought as soon as acne lesions appear.


Even for those cases in which the patient has blemishes and scars resulting from acne, the dermatologist can offer various treatments that mitigate such problems, including bleaching creams, fractionated lasers, peelings and fillers.


Today, acne is a disease that can be cured. Acne scars can be prevented by early and appropriate treatment.


If you have doubts about ACNE, consult your dermatologist.