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Operating for over 15 years in Porto Alegre, the first Hexsel Dermatology Clinic, with a team including 3 dermatologists, was located in Brazil Plinio Milano Avenue. Needing more space, the architetural project was signed by the Architect Anne Baril (  


But our expansion required larger and more comfortable facilities, so, in April 2007, we opened a new clinic, designed by the architects Paula Neder ( and Alexandre Monteiro (, in Dr Timóteo street.  In the same building (ground floor), the Brazilian Center for Studies in Dermatology were designed by the architects Neide Dutra (, Mirela Grasso and Paulo Hoffmeister Neto (


The new HEXSEL DERMATOLOGIC CLINIC IN PORTO ALEGRE was designed by a team of architectsl, including the following:


The architectural design of the facade and reception was signed by the Architect Rudelger Lietzke ( and received contributions from the architects Paula Neder  ( and Ana Bonow.


The architectural design of the internal expansion and adaptation and general supervision was done by the architect Ligia Piccini (




The HEXSEL DERMATOLOGY CLINIC in RIO DE JANEIRO has maintained its facilities, designed by the architect the Neide Dutra within the Casa Shopping center in the Barra da Tijuca for more than 10 years.


In April 2011, the Hexsel Dermatology Clinic in Rio de Janeiro moved to new facilities in Ipanema, as follow: 


- Architectural design:  

Paula Neder Arquitetos Associados (